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Robert. 7 years ago
I bet her pussy feels amazing especially after fucking him. Loose pussy is the best pussy! :)
2 years ago
Does he do guys I'd love to be ass fucked by him and be creampie
hulk1985 7 years ago
Almost as fat as shorty mac's cock but longer shane diesel has the better cock.
Jabbar khan palka india 6 years ago
Oooo.. yes
damn 7 years ago
She fine this is true...her pussy is pretty too...but it is safe to say that she should retire her pussy since it seems to have lost its elasticity. Even his big dick can't even feel her walls
monstermeat 8 years ago
Poor guy her pussy was way to big for him. I hate big pussy
1 year ago
She's Hot but what an annoying voice
3 years ago
She is so fucking lucky
3 years ago
I wanted to mute this chick's squeaky ass voice! It ruined the whole video for me
Jabby khan 6 years ago