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Crying 7 years ago
That's an inflatable turkey%uD83D%uDE02%uD83D
Wut 6 years ago
That turkey tho. turkey lives matter
Gourmet 6 years ago
Inflatable turkey and plastic ass fruit
lol 6 years ago
I can't with that turkey! LMAO
Turkey lives matter 6 years ago
This video supports our movement that turkey lives matter and I thank them for using a fake blow up turkey
Lilico 2 years ago
Your turkey is fake
Waffles 6 years ago
Lol %uD83D%uDC47%uD83D%uDC47
yyukkbdsdgh 6 years ago
I like it
dickbutt 6 years ago
i'm here because of 9gag
Srey 7 years ago
Yo man