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"Chirp" 5 years ago
Would someone for the love of God, on this budget set, change the batteries in the fire detector...fuck!
Dad 5 years ago
I've actually fucked my step daughter and she's a tight little whore
Cmon guys 5 years ago
No one wanted to fix the fire alarm before shootings a porno? No professionalism?
Still came, but I came disappointed.
Paul 5 years ago
Cracking the fuck up at all these other comments about the smoke detector batteries
Lazy af 5 years ago
Fix your goddamn smoke alarm. Fire safety is not a fucking joke! Also, dude's got an average dick; he should at least put some effort behind his thrusts to make up for it. 0 passion, boring, lame video
your name: 5 years ago
They need to replace the damn fire detector batteries
Smoke Detector 5 years ago
Fucking change the battery in the smoke detector
They need to... 5 years ago
Change the damn battery in the smoke detector!
FatDaddy8 5 years ago
I did this a lot when my stepdaughter was young she would bring a friend home and start playing with me and she and I would start fucking and more times than not the new girl would always want me to Fuck her. I busted a lot of young pussy and came in a lot of young pretty girls and I do mean young
Informer 5 years ago
Blonde: Arya Fae
Dirty Blonde: Jill Cassidy